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Your app created via Heighliner stacks will have CI/CD setup. By default, we use Github action to trigger continous integration (CI) pipelines, and ArgoCD for GitOps continuous delivery (CD).

Github Action

In Heighliner, a stack will normally create different repos for different frameworks, e.g. frontend, backend, deploy. Each repo will have CI workflow specified. The type of CI is specified in the repo config:

This will create a Github Action workflow that will build and publish a container image.

You can get the repo url via hln status <app>. Then you can check the github action in .github/workflows/ folder.


In Heighliner, the Github repos created by the stack will be categoried into two types:

  • business code: e.g. frontend, backend, database...
  • deployment code: the repo that contains the helm chart, kubernetes resources, and deployment scripts.

A stack will do GitOps style continuous delivery for each business code repo. Each repo will have a corresponding ArgoCD Application setup.

You can get the ArgoCD dashboard url via hln status <app>. Then you can check the ArgoCD applications like below:


The ArgoCD Application is created under namespace <app>-deploy-production.

The ArgoCD components are managed under namespace argocd.