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Stack Testing

Stack testing is based on ginkgo framework. Each test is an e2e test that verifies the given stack is running correctly.

Each stack has a test/ folder that contains the testing code to verify the current stack. You can take a look at sample stack to see the code in details.

Install ginkgo​

Install ginkgo:

go install -mod=mod
go get

This fetches Ginkgo and installs the ginkgo executable under $GOBIN - you'll want that on your $PATH. It also fetches the core Gomega matcher library and its set of supporting libraries.

Install hln​

Install hln by following the previous instructions.

Setup repo​

In this example, we will use the stacks repo:

git clone
export STACK_REPO=$PWD/stacks

Set up the environment variables​

Before testing the stack, you need to specify the inputs for the stack. For example, if you are tesing sample stack, you should set the following environment variables:

export KUBECONFIG=~/.kube/config
export APP_NAME=test-app
export ORGANIZATION=<your-github-org>
export GITHUB_TOKEN=<your-github-token>


First create an appl from the stack:

cd $STACK_REPO/official-stack/sample
hln up my-app

Then run the e2e tests:

cd test/ # Go to the test directory

Clean up your app

cd .. # Go to the gin-vue stack directory
hln down my-app