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Create Application


Make sure you have followed the installation guide before continuing.

(Optional) Chinese users​

Chinese users may have network access problems, please run first:

export NETWORK_TYPE=china_network

Step1. Create Gin+Nextjs application​

Create your application interactively:

hln up gin-next-app -s gin-next -i

Input the values one by one according to the prompt:

Path to your kubeconfig file (required):

> ~/.kube/config

Which github organization do you want to use(Can be set as personal github id)? (required):

> [organization name or your github id, e.g. lyzhang1999]

Which domain do you want to use?:

> [default:]

Then it will start executing the setup instructions. Output looks like:



If hln up command failed due to unexpected network problems, feel free to rerun it again.

Get application status:

hln status gin-next-app

Output looks like:

πŸŽ‰ Heighliner application gin-next-app is ready! access URL:

There are 2 services have been deployed:
● gin-next-app-frontend
● access URL:
● resource code:

● gin-next-app-backend
● access URL:
● resource code:

There are 4 addons have been deployed:
● argocd
● access URL:
● credential: [Username: admin Password: 22ecFIk7Qm5sciM-]

● nocalhost
● access URL:
● credential: [Username: Password: 123456]

● prometheus-stack
● access URL:
● credential: [Username: admin Password: prom-operator]
● prometheus URL: [Username: admin Password: heighliner123!], alertManager URL: [Username: admin Password: heighliner123!]

● loki

Congrats! You have created your first application with hln successfully. All of the cloud-native architecture have been set up properly. Click the GitHub url and dashboard links to see the effects.

Step2. (Optional) Set Domain Routing​

  • If you are using, you don't have to do anything.

  • If you are using your own domain name, put the following lines into your /etc/hosts: gin-next-app.<your-domain> argocd.<your-domain> nocalhost.<your-domain> grafana.<your-domain> prometheus.<your-domain> alert.<your-domain>

Step3. Access application​

Nextjs app​

View you nextjs app at


Gin app​

View you Gin app at