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Step 1. Install hln CLI​

Install hln with HomeBrew:

brew install h8r-dev/tap/heighliner
hln version

Or use the install script:

curl -L | sh
./bin/hln version
sudo mv bin/hln /usr/local/bin/hln

Or download binaries: GitHub Release

Step 2. Install Kubernetes​

Install the following Kubernetes tools:

  1. Install kubectl by following the Kubernetes documentation.
  2. Install kind (v0.12.0+) command-line tool by following the kind installation guide
  3. Install Docker Desktop (v4.5.0+) or Docker by following the docker installation guide

Then choose one of the following methods to install a Kubernetes cluster:

(Optional) We recommend setting Docker Resources to 4 cores and 8Gb mem:

Docker Desktop Settings

Save the following configuration as kind.yaml:

kind: Cluster
- role: control-plane
- |
kind: InitConfiguration
node-labels: "ingress-ready=true"
- containerPort: 80
hostPort: 80
protocol: TCP
- containerPort: 443
hostPort: 443
protocol: TCP

Create a kind cluster from the config and install ingress controller:

kind create cluster --image=kindest/node:v1.23.5 --config=kind.yaml
kubectl apply -f

Step 3. Install Heighliner dependencies​

hln init

If it is successful, it should output:

Waiting buildkitd to be ready...
buildkitd is ready!

Step 4. Create GitHub Token​

Create a GitHub personal access token with these scopes selected: repo, workflow, write:packages, delete:packages, admin:org, user, delete_repo.

Then set the token as GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable:

export GITHUB_TOKEN=<your-fresh-token>

What's Next?​

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