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Your First App


Make sure you have followed the installation guide before continuing.

Ever want to enjoy the simple experience of hosted app platform like Vercel? But without the limitation to specific vendors?

In this tutorial you will create a Remix app in Vercel style in 2 minutes using Heighliner.

Create Your App​

You only need to run this single command:

Network speedup for users in China

For users in China, run the following command:

export NETWORK_TYPE=china_network

This will tell Heighliner to fetch resources from mirrors in China.

hln up hello-world -s sample -i

It will prompt you to input config values interactively:

After you completed the input, it will run for about 2 minutes. If it is successful, the output will look like:

Successfull Output
Heighliner application hello-world is ready! access URL:

There are 1 services have been deployed:
● hello-world
● access URL:
● resource code:<your-github-account>/hello-world

There are 3 addons have been deployed:
● argocd
● access URL:
● credential: [Username: admin Password: yKu7CdYol57tIGzG]

● prometheus-stack
● access URL:
● credential: [Username: admin Password: prom-operator]
● prometheus URL: [Username: admin Password: heighliner123!]
● alertManager URL: [Username: admin Password: heighliner123!]

● loki

Congrats! Application is ready!

Congrats! You have created your first app using Heighliner.

See Your App In Action​

Your app is live at

The sample stack of Heighliner automatically creates a full set of tools and services for your app: Github repos, Helm charts, CI/CD pipelines, domain routing, monitoring and alerting rules, etc.

What's Next​