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CI/CD and GitOps

View Your GitHub Repos

Once your application is ready, two repositories are created under your GitHub account:


Besides, Heighliner set up a GitHub Action to your remix application code to handle CI jobs, you can view .github/workflows/docker-publish.yml file for more details.

GitOps with ArgoCD

ArgoCD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. The remix stack uses ArgoCD to deploy new releases of your remix application.

Get your ArgoCD credentials:

hln status hello-world

Visit your ArgoCD dashboard at


Make Some Changes To Code

Now, you could make some changes to your remix source code, here, we update app/routes/index.tsx file with below code:

<h1 className="text-center text-6xl font-extrabold text-white">
Powered by Heighliner!

and push the updates to main branch, then, you could release your updates with a git tag, such as: v0.1.1 (a v prefix for your tag is required), check GitHub Actions of your hello-world repository, you will get this:


After a while, going back to your remix application at, you will notice your changes deployed:


Return to, you will also find that image tag of remix application pod updated and match with your git tag:


Underneath, Heighliner connects Argocd, Github Action and your remix application code together. you are being benefit from GitOps with no effort-less.